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Why I Am a Racist*

* and so, most likely, are you** ** according to the new nomenclature I was born in another time and another place. It was a different world – the past …

When Only Some #BlackLivesMatter

Let’s create Hong Kong 2 in Australia

COVID in Red and Blue


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I wish I could have enjoyed “The Witcher” more than I did. For better or worse, all fantasy series and movies will now be pared with “Game of Thrones” (sans …

The Man in the High Kolkhoz


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Who Won World War Two?

The memorations and celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War were mooted this year. No obligatory parades or gathering?took place at the time of …

The Man in the High Kolkhoz


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Michael Gove’s bookshelf – and yours (and mine too)

Plenty of people like to be filmed against the backdrop of their bookshelves to convey the message or at least create the impression that they are smart. This has bee …

“Ruthenia & Galicia”


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I’m not saying it’s aliens…

Never mind a boring terrestrial virus – what would happen to our planet if aliens from other planet ever make an official appearance? Fox UK has missioned a survey of …


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Girls Gone Wild On Brisbane Tinder, Part XV: The Birthday Edition

Warning: Adult Content & Language Not that we need any excuses to continue with new installments of the “Girls”, but the world is still in a lock-down and needs plenty …